The Movement Paradigm

The Movement Paradigm is an integrative health center focusing on mindset, nutrition, and movement blending Eastern and Western philosophies, rooted in neuroscience, functional medicine, and movement science. The Movement Paradigm offers holistic physical therapy and functional medicine to help you heal your body, transform your life, and thrive.

  • I came to Dr. Arianne with a complex set of symptoms, that had stumped many doctors, but with her broad knowledge base, patience and diligent persistence. I feel better than ever.”
  • I was dealing with debilitating fatigue and Dr. Arianne listened and guided me through a process that reformed my eating, breathing, sleeping, exercise and mobility. I feel better than ever!”
  • They both truly want to help you heal and go above and beyond to make that possible. This is the place to go for physical therapy and functional medicine. I came in with chronic pain and now I am working out three times a week!
  • Mindset.Nutrition.Movement.


Integrative and Functional Medicine in West Chester, PA

Our goal at The Movement Paradigm is to help you heal your body, transform your life and thrive.

Whether you have chronic health conditions or pain, gut disorders, pelvic health concerns, or simply want to take a proactive approach to your well-being,  we’ve created a safe environment where you feel heard and supported on your transformation journey.

With an integrative health focus in the Greater West Chester, PA area, our location has become a trusted place for people of all stages of adulthood to explore holistic care options.

Not local? Many of our patients take advantage of our virtual offerings. In either case, we take deep pride in our variety of in-depth, involved medical and wellness services. From functional medicine and holistic physical therapy to pelvic health rehabilitation and yoga, we have something for everyone.  Take a look at our list of services below and give us a call at (302) 635-9220 for more information. We look forward to helping you feel your best!

Holistic Physical Therapy

Functional Medicine

Integrative Vagus Nerve Therapy

Movement Coaching

Women’s Health

The Movement Paradigm Women's Health

Mindfulness and Yoga

Craniosacral Therapy

Online & Live Events

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