The Movement Paradigm

The Movement Paradigm is an integrative health center focusing on mindset, nutrition, and movement blending Eastern and Western philosophies, rooted in neuroscience, functional medicine, and movement science. The Movement Paradigm offers holistic physical therapy, functional medicine, integrative vagus nerve therapy, and women’s and men’s health, which includes powerful dietary interventions, movement, sleep, and mindset reframing techniques to heal your body, move better, alleviate inflammation, and live with vitality.

  • I came to Arianne with a complex set of symptoms, that had stumped many doctors, but with her broad knowledge base, patience and diligent persistence. I feel better than ever.”
  • My 13 year old daughter was struggling with a painful and sore back for weeks that was prohibiting her from playing soccer. After just 2 visits, she played a soccer game pain free! I am so thankful for her!”
  • Not just an expert in your field but an expert’s expert! Your positivity is contagious, and your genuine concern for all your patients is what I admire most and why I confidently recommend you to anyone in need.”
  • Mindset.Nutrition.Movement.

Heal your body. Transform your life..

Integrative and Functional Medicine in West Chester, PA

Here at The Movement Paradigm, we help you heal your body, alleviate pain, move better, and regulate your nervous system so that you can have improved resilience and live with vitality. We strive to help our patients grow stronger and healthier through several different methods and practices. Our focus on integrative health in West Chester, PA has helped our location to become a trusted place for people of all different ages to explore holistic care options for their lifestyles.

We take deep pride in our variety of in-depth, involved wellness and medical services. From functional medicine and holistic physical therapy to integrative vagus nerve therapy, pelvic floor therapy,  and guided meditation, we have something for everyone. Take a look at our list of services below and give us a call at (302) 635-9220 for more information. We look forward to helping you feel your best!

Holistic Physical Therapy

Functional Medicine

Integrative Vagus Nerve Therapy

Movement Coaching

Women’s Health

Mindfulness and Yoga

Craniosacral Therapy

Online & Live Events



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