Free Virtual Mindfulness Session Presented by The Movement Paradigm

Mondays @ 5:30PM EST
Virtual Mindfulness Session

30 minutes
Please join Dr. Arianne Missimer, founder of the Movement Paradigm, IFM functional medicine practitioner, physical therapist, dietitian, and mindfulness educator in these FREE online mindfulness sessions for the community. You just need a comfortable quiet space in your home for 30 minutes. Each week, experience a guided meditation, have an intention for the week, gain insight into your own meditation journey, and much more. Mondays 5:30-6:00 pm

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MINDFULNESS IN MOTION Presented by The Movement Paradigm

This women’s only class will bring calmness and centering to your life, but also help you move gracefully with control, while building stability, strength, and cardiovascular fitness. Introducing a unique and uplifting fitness program for the intermediate fitness level infused with yoga, barefoot programming, bodyweight movements, animal flow, dance, and more!

Email us with FREECLASS in the subject line for your first free class!
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Gut-Brain-Immune Connection Monday September 26th 5:45-7pm

Location: Divine Float Spa 144 Eagleview Blvd Exton PA 19341

Cost $30.00

We are so excited to partner with Divine Float Spa! Join Dr. Arianne in this one-hour live workshop to explore the gut-brain-immune connection. You’ll leave with a better understanding of how leaky gut can be the root cause of chronic disease, what you eat affects your mood, how to optimize your immune health, a realistic approach to gut healing, and more!

-Explore the gut-brain-immune connections

-Food, mood, behavior

–5 R approach to gut healing

-Vagus nerve hacks for healing

-and more!

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upcoming events

Vagus Nerve Online Program September 19th-October24th

Early Bird pricing until September 1st $399

After September 1st $425

Details: Mondays 12:30-1:30 pm EST September 19th – October 24th. All calls will be recorded so it’s okay if you can’t be there live!

6 Live calls (will be recorded) covering topics such as:

* Polyvagal Theory
* How to tune and tone your nervous system
* Understanding your nervous system
* Trauma
* Emotional regulation
* Vagal Tone
* Breathing
* Co-regulation and human connection
* Mindfulness
* Gut-Brain Axis
* Heart-Brain Axis
* Self-regulation and recovery
* Interoception
* Heart Rate Variability
* Neuroception (subconscious neural process of sensing danger, threat, and safety)
* Craniosacral wisdom
You will also have online video access to 25 vagus nerve hacks for life!
Pre-Pregnancy Workshop Thursday September 22nd @4:30pm
Cost $25

Are you looking to get pregnant?

Want to make sure you have the tools to help you start and stay healthy?

Join Dr. Becky on September 22nd at 4:30pm to learn more and gain tools to help you as you start building your family.


*Pelvic floor anatomy


*Nutritional Support




This workshop is designed to help empower women with the tools and information to help them and their partner with the first step of becoming a family. 

Not able to make the session in person, no worries! The in person session will be recorded and sent to everyone who signs up.

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*Please note when registering if you plan to attend in-person for the workshop in the Note to Practitioner section.

During Pregnancy Workshop October 20th @4:30pm

Cost $25

Have you recently found out you are pregnant?

Are you far along in your pregnancy and are looking for tools to help you with questions or symptoms you have?

Join Dr. Becky October 20th at 4:30pm to gain tools and knowledge to help you, your body, your baby, and your partner as you progress through your pregnancy.

Topics covered include:

*Birthing plan

*Low back pain



*Bonus: tips to help with your symptoms

During this workshop you will be provided with the tools and knowledge to help you through the changes you will experience throughout your pregnancy.

Not able to make the session in person, no worries! The in person session will be recorded and sent to everyone who signs up.

*Please note when registering if you plan to attend in-person for the workshop in the Note to Practitioner section.
Postpartum Workshop November 17 @4:30pm

Are you at the end of your pregnancy and want to get ready for the next transition?

Did you recently give birth and want to have more tools to help you in this next phase of your life?

Join Dr Becky November 17th at 4:30pm for a post partum workshop.

Topics covered:

*Mental Health in 4th trimester

*Body mechanics



*Recovery from birth

*Bonus: questions to ask at your follow up

This webinar is intended to help empower women with knowledge and tools to help guide them through the transition into motherhood.

This session will only be in person with no recording. We encourage new moms to bring baby during the session to review your mechanics, play with baby, and find your support group.

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