The Movement Paradigm Yoga

Wednesdays @ 6:00PM EST

In-Person Yoga

1 hour
Drop in $23
Experience an immersive, eclectic/fusion style of yoga with instructor Annawyn Laing, who brings over 25 years of training and experience in Yoga & Meditative arts methods. This class is designed for all levels, and Annawyn will offer options and modifications to suit your personal goals and needs, no matter where you are on your yoga journey. Her trauma-informed somatic techniques and incorporation of multiple styles of yoga and practical healing methods will leave you feeling strong, restored, elevated, and transformed.

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Free Virtual Mindfulness Session Presented by The Movement Paradigm

Mondays @ 5:30PM EST
Virtual Mindfulness Session

30 minutes
Please join Dr. Arianne Missimer, founder of the Movement Paradigm, IFM functional medicine practitioner, physical therapist, dietitian, and mindfulness educator in these FREE online mindfulness sessions for the community. You just need a comfortable quiet space in your home for 30 minutes. Each week, experience a guided meditation, have an intention for the week, gain insight into your own meditation journey, and much more. Mondays 5:30-6:00 pm

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MINDFULNESS IN MOTION Presented by The Movement Paradigm

This women-only class will bring calmness and centering to your life, but also help you move gracefully with control while building stability, strength, and cardiovascular fitness. Introducing a unique and uplifting fitness program for the intermediate fitness level infused with yoga, barefoot programming, bodyweight movements, animal flow, dance, and more! Class is offered Tuesdays 10:00 am-11:00 am.

Email us with FREECLASS in the subject line for your first free class!

upcoming events

Meal Prep Program

March 27th 6-7pm Online

An interactive Zoom Meal Prep Program with Caitlyn, Registered Dietitian, diving into efficient, easy strategies for meal prep. Join our RD to discuss all of the necessary components to make a balanced meal, why it is important for most meals to be balanced, and examples of meal combinations you can try at home. We will touch on estimated protein needs as well! Caitlyn will be cooking a delicious meal LIVE during the program, and you will receive a copy of the recipe! The meal will be adaptable to a gluten-free and dairy-free diet for those who may have dietary restrictions.

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Women’s Health Retreat

April 20th 8am-3pm

During this one day retreat for women like you, you will get to learn from some amazing health care providers as well as experience moments of relaxation to help you process information as well as reground.

This day is meant to help you start your spring season with a fresh plan to get you in the right direction by finding balance and prioritizing yourself. During your day you will be surrounded by other like minded women who we hope become your community that will understand when you need to be challenged to change, assistance to think differently, or when you need help to mentally/physically/spiritually recharge.

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Past Speaking Event Recordings

Moving into Menopause

Are you in menopause or perimenopause?

You may be noticing your period has become lighter, heavier, irregular, or just different than your usual. 

Or perhaps you are experiencing other symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, night sweats, sleep disturbances, weight gain, or mood changes? 

Join Dr. Becky in this one-hour webinar to explore hormones, sleep, nutrition, tricks/tips for navigating the change.

Cost $40

Recording time 1 hour 9 minutes

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Pelvic Pain

Have you been dealing with low back pain, hip pain, and/or pelvic pain?

Maybe you have been experiencing pain with sex?

Addressing the pelvic floor is one aspect to help you with the mechanical drivers to your pain but understanding pain can help you identify what is truly occurring.

Both males and females can experience pain in the pelvic region that we do not always know the root or how to deal with it on our own. 

Join Dr. Becky and Dr. Christian for a talk about pelvic pain to gain a better understanding of what you have been experiencing. 

Recording time 1 hour 5 minutes

Cost $40

Purchase here