Free Virtual Mindfulness Session Presented by The Movement Paradigm

Mondays @ 5:30PM EST
Virtual Mindfulness Session

30 minutes
Please join Dr. Arianne Missimer, founder of the Movement Paradigm, IFM functional medicine practitioner, physical therapist, dietitian, and mindfulness educator in these FREE online mindfulness sessions for the community. You just need a comfortable quiet space in your home for 30 minutes. Each week, experience a guided meditation, have an intention for the week, gain insight into your own meditation journey, and much more. Mondays 5:30-6:00 pm

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MINDFULNESS IN MOTION Presented by The Movement Paradigm

This women-only class will bring calmness and centering to your life, but also help you move gracefully with control while building stability, strength, and cardiovascular fitness. Introducing a unique and uplifting fitness program for the intermediate fitness level infused with yoga, barefoot programming, bodyweight movements, animal flow, dance, and more! Class is offered Tuesdays 10:00 am-11:00 am.

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upcoming events

Pelvic Floor Workshop January 14th 11am


Location: Habitat Studios 349 E Lancaster Ave Downingtown PA 19335

Join Dr. Becky for a Pelvic Floor Workshop on Saturday, January 14th at Habitat Studios from 11AM-12PM to learn more about how to integrate your pelvic floor into movement! 

Do you feel like you are missing a link to your movement?

Have you addressed what your pelvic floor is doing?

Our pelvic floor is the base of our core which is where we gain our stability from. Allowing ourselves to connect to these muscles will help us find our strength and integrate into movement. During this workshop you will learn about the pelvic floor, learn to connect to your pelvic floor through breath, and most importantly integrate into movement. 

Space is limited so grab your spot!