Women’s Health

The Movement Paradigm’s Holistic Physical Therapy is for women who are experiencing pelvic pain, gut disruption, sexual dysfunction, and urinary/fecal symptoms.

We are here to treat you as a whole person while helping you move without leaking, improve your sexual health, and decrease your pain.

Our Women’s Health Program is shifting the paradigm of the current model in women’s health to include all aspects of health.  We want to not only treat your symptoms but rather look at all the factors which may have an impact on your emotional, mental, and physical well-being. We strive to identify the underlying causes of your concerns by assessing how all of your modifiable lifestyle factors impact your health including sleep, nutrition, movement, relationships, stress, and your environment.

Your journey to better overall health includes:

One-on-One Sessions

Your session will last one hour with follow-ups once a week for the first few sessions. Check-ins to help you progress your program and exercises are important to help you integrate into your daily life.

Root Cause Analysis

We understand how everything is connected from gut health to movement patterns so we can better help you address the root causes of what you are experiencing. When it comes to movement, we use our background as movement and barefoot specialists to integrate foot-to-core sequencing since the foot has strong fascial connections to the pelvic floor. Gut health can also impact the vaginal tissue which can be the root of why you continue to have vaginal pain.

A Holistic Plan

We create with you, a personalized plan addressing your concerns in a timely manner while integrating these lifestyle modifications and movement patterns into your daily life in order to make the biggest impact on improving your overall health.

Mission statement

Our mission is to serve women who are ready to take charge of their health during pregnancy, postpartum, perimenopause, post-menopause, and beyond. We are prepared to help you with your unique life experiences with compassion and care and are equipped to address everything from pelvic health to hormonal imbalances, gut health, nutrition, mindfulness/stress management, women-specific movement, fitness and strength, pain, and injuries, too. We hope to help you become the healthiest, happiest, most confident, and strongest version of yourself.



Initial Consultation – $185
60 Minute Follow-up – $165
30 Minute Follow-up – $95

Get ready for your appointment:

Text (302) 635-9220 with any questions.


Podcast: IC You
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“I took the 6-week Women’s Health course and began working with Dr. Becky. During the weekly meetings, I enjoyed learning women-specific topics about things such as exercise, diet, and the pelvic floor. After working with Dr. Becky, I felt a better connection with my whole body and love to challenge myself in new ways to move. I would highly recommend this program to connect with your body in ways you never thought possible.”

Camilla Coakley
Mental Health Therapist