Podcast: IC You – Episode 03. The RIGHT Way To Poop

By IC You Podcast
With Dr. Rebecca Quintangeli of The Movement Paradigm

On this episode of IC You, I interview Dr. Rebecca Quintangeli, a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist (PFPT). In the episode, Rebecca shares about her career change from an Athletic Trainer to a PFPT. Callie and Rebecca also discuss what Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy is, who can benefit from it, why you may be pooping wrong, and what being Barefoot Certified means.

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Importance of Proper Breathing – CBS Wish-TV Interview – 10/14/21

Did you know proper breathing is very important in terms of your health?

Dr. Arianne Missimerm author, doctor of physical therapy, registered dietitian, yoga teacher, and mindfulness educator joined us today to explain why this is. She also discusses what some of the reasons someone may have trouble breathing. Dr. Missimer is the author of Rise Up: Journey of healing through mindset, nutrition, and movement Breathing is Your Superpower.

Gut Health 101 – Cincy Lifestyle Interview – 10/7/21

Let’s face it, sometimes it feels like your whole world is controlled by your gut. Whether you have a little one in the family and manage their gut or have to keep a close eye on your own, what happens inside your intestines is important. And chances are if you have a happy gut, life is better. Today we talked to Dr. Arianne Missimer, founder of the The Movement Paradigm, to learn more about how to control our gut health before it controls us.

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Power Women 2020: Arianne Missimer

By Lisa Dukart of Main Line Today Magazine
Photo by Tessa Marie Images

Nothing, it seems, can slow down Arianne Missimer—not even cancer. From her early days as a basketball player, gymnast and cheerleader, she’s always been on the move. Hence the name of her Downingtown practice, the Movement Paradigm.

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Meet the 2020 Healthcare Heroes Redefining Medicine

Above: (Seated, from left) Leslie Forest and Jordan Burnham. (Standing, from left) Dr. Bernadette Logan, Arianne Missimer, Courtney McDade and Dr. Eric Zabat. Not pictured: Dr. Christina Clay.

By Melissa Jacobs of Main Line Today Magazine
Photo by Tessa Marie Images

This year’s Healthcare Heroes are redefining medicine in our region. Now more than ever, we are honored to recognize their work.

“Whether it’s cancer, chronic pain or something else, I believe in functional medicine and the holistic treatment of each individual. That’s where I find power.”

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