Physical Therapy

Are you suffering from chronic pain that is limiting you from what you love to do?

Have you been to multiple professionals (doctors, chiropractors, other physical therapists, massage therapists, etc,) but still aren’t getting better, even after the treatments they have suggested?

You don’t know what exactly to do, but you’re ready to make some changes?

Come see us to determine the root of your problem, understand why you have pain and/or an injury, and most importantly, what you can do to feel great again.

If you’re someone who will take treatment seriously, and commit to getting better, we are confident that no matter how long you’ve had pain, we can get you back to feeling great again.

When you choose The Movement Paradigm for your holistic physical therapy, we’ll take a look at every aspect of your lifestyle. Our functional medicine approach entails assessing your injury history as well as your sleep/relaxation habits, emotional/mental state, nutrition, as well as your social health, and relationships.



One-Hour Evaluation – $185
One-Hour Follow-up – $165
30 Minute Follow-up – $95

Text (302) 635-9220 with any questions.

Schedule your 15-minute discovery session with Dr. Becky

Schedule your 15-minute discovery session with Dr. Jules 



Our unique approach to Holistic Physical Therapy provides:

  • evidence-based in-depth assessments and treatments that focus on all your health concerns
  • open communication and access to your physical therapist outside of your visits
  • clear explanations on how your injury and chronic disease can be reversed through lifestyle change
  • a collaborative approach with your health and fitness teams that respects your viewpoint
  • strong advocacy that you can be in control of your own health through lifestyle changes
  • continuous encouragement, with non-judgmental rapport and full support
  • home program in video format with cueing
  • in-person or Telehealth options
  • consistent one-on-one care with one of our highly trained physical therapists

Trust us. We are different and exactly what you need. Not only will we identify the root cause of your pain, but we will also look at potential inflammatory triggers and lifestyle factors that are preventing you from feeling your best. Our goal is to help you be pain-free and live with vitality. To get started with our holistic physical therapy, schedule a free 15 min discovery session. We look forward to helping you feel your best.

My wife and I have both had a wonderful experience with Dr. Becky through holistic Physical Therapy at The Movement Paradigm. With new injuries and exacerbated old injuries, we found working with Dr. Becky to be a hugely positive experience. The therapies shared and worked on immediately provided relief and very real healing. Our journeys with Dr. Becky and The Movement Paradigm have really been transformative and they will continue to be our go-to for healing and recovery.

Liam Hendricken


Arianne is really one of a kind. I came to her for physical therapy after months of pain. I wasn’t getting any sleep, I was barely able to sit down and stand up on my own (I’m 28 years old), it took me 20 minutes to dress myself and I couldn’t put on my own socks and shoes. I was at a breaking point. I’m not someone who takes pain medication so I tried additional stretches, yoga, a chiropractor, rest, etc. Arianne had been recommended to my by someone at my gym so I finally gave her a call. During my first physical therapy visit Arianne listened to me give her a long-winded history of all my injuries. I was rattling them off, thinking they meant nothing, until she explained that all of it, literally EVERYTHING was connected. She genuinely seemed excited to fix me. I started making progress almost immediately, starting with learning how to breathe properly! It’s hard for me to be “benched” from all activities but I got myself in the mindset of getting healthy. I don’t know if I could’ve done that with someone other than Arianne. Arianne was extremely invested in my success and because of that I wanted to get better for myself but also for her, so I listened! Fast forward, in less than 2 months I am back at the gym, building my strength and stamina back up. More importantly though, I know how to listen to my body, I know how to breathe properly and I know what signs to look for to avoid injury down the road. Like many, exercise for me is my therapy and I can’t thank Arianne enough for helping me get back into the swing of things (pun intended). Thank you so much!!”

Kelly L

“I had hurt my back when I was just 17 years old. 36 years, multiple doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, yoga instructors, fitness gurus later, I met you. You were giving a golf movement program, and from across the room you noticed my pain. You told me to get a script from my doctor for physical therapy and that you’d exam me. You were confident you could cure my back pain. I did what you asked, and you did what you said you would do. You cured my 36 year problem! You helped me with my shoulder too! You’ve shown yourself to be not just an expert in your field but an expert’s expert! Your positivity is contagious, and your genuine concern for all your patients is what I admire most and why I confidently recommend you to anyone in need.”

Gary S

I have had a great experience with physical therapy so far with Dr. Jules. I sought The Movement Paradigm out without a specific goal in mind (I.e. no immediate injury) but rather just looking to ensure my body moves the way it should. It’s really fascinating the way Dr. Jules is able to connect the different parts of the body that you could never imagine would be connected, and I appreciate that she talks me through whatever she is thinking. I’ve been there almost a month and have clear improvement in all my yoga poses as well as my workouts. I would recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade their movement and get out of pain!

Adam King