Movement Coaching in Downingtown, PA

Have you experienced chronic injuries and pain but you would really like to work out?

Have you been working with a personal trainer, chiropractor, or physical therapist but feel like you really need more specific attention to addressing movement patterns so that you don’t continue to get injured? Turn to our team at the The Movement Paradigm to guide you with holistic, attentive movement coaching in West Chester, PA. We’re passionate about helping each and every one of our patients feel their best, and that starts with addressing movements that could be causing your body strain.

While you may not think much about your day-to-day movements, repeated habits tend to add up and can impact your wellness. Movement coaching is designed to help you really change how you move. Movement is something that we often take for granted…until we can’t do it. This is why we put such a huge emphasis on movement here at The Movement Paradigm.

What Happens During Movement Coaching?

Our movement coaching in Downingtown, PA starts off with an in-depth assessment of your current movement patterns. We will guide and coach you with the strategies that you may be missing from your current program or help you design a new safe and effective movement program. Whether you are in a fitness program, working with another health professional, or simply want to get started on the right path, we can help you move better and feel great.

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Initial Consultation/Evaluation – $185
One-Hour Follow-up – $165
30 Minute Follow-up – $95

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Putting Arianne’s work into words is a challenge only because I am afraid to fall short with my words as I describe my experience of her. Arianne is absolutely inspiring in her way as a human, in her way as a professional and in her way of living her work, everyday. She is truly one of the most disciplined people I have the pleasure to know and work with. Arianne truly walks her talk with immense commitment to self-awareness, to exceeding her own physical abilities and to an insatiable appetite for cutting edge movement methodologies. I trust her implicitly with my movement & performance needs, my child’s injuries and assessments as well as my clients in professional referral with her. On top of this, she is authentically caring, funny and very easily laughs….all signs of someone who is living full out the life she was sent here to live!”

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