nutrition coaching

Do you feel like you don’t have the energy you used to have?

Or, have you been experiencing bloating, puffiness, aches and pains? Have you experienced weight gain in your mid-section but feel like you haven’t changed your diet?

Food is the most powerful intervention. It is better than drugs. It is information that can change our biology. But, you may be wondering, what should I eat? What diet should I try? In essence, it is about removing what causes imbalance and providing the body what creates balance.

I specialize in a functional medicine approach which evaluates you as a whole person based on a number of factors which may contribute to health conditions, such as nutritional deficiencies, dietary intolerance, toxicity, abnormal gut microbiome (the healthy bacteria we all carry), hormonal dysfunction, and inflammation.

These imbalances can be addressed through changes in diet, the supplements, movement, and stress management techniques. We will evaluate all of your ingredients to health:

  • Sleep/relaxation
  • Exercise and movement
  • Nutrition
  • Managing stress
  • Relationships

Then, we will work together to find the best plan that works for you.